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Pomegranate Salad with Mediterranean vinaigrette | Ensalada de Granadas con vinagreta Mediterránea

ENG | As we are in autumn and the pomegranate fruit, in addition to having multiple health benefits, is in season, here you have a quick and easy idea to make a balanced salad and a vinaigrette with an intense flavor of Mediterranean forest. Properties and benefits of pomegranates; Abundant amount of polyphenols and consequently [...]

by Andrea López

Recipe – Healthy & fat burning salad

Happy New Year to all! I hope you had a happy holiday with your family and friends, with great events and celebrations in which abounds always sweet and good food, accumulating those extra calories. That’s why my first post of the year I will dedicate to healthy food, which must always be accompanied by exercise. [...]

by Andrea López

The blog Monsabor, as its name indicates (Mon Sabor, world of flavors), was born with the aim of showing and sharing the Spanish food products that were also handcrafted, natural and flavored.