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Homemade donuts without egg | Donuts caseros sin huevo

ENG | Whole Kitchen in its Sweet Proposal for January invites us to prepare a classic of the North American cuisine: Donuts. In my case, I changed the recipe slightly by adding some lemon scent and removing the egg yolks. The result, despite the hours of work, is exquisite and doesn’t leave one indifferent. I [...]

by Andrea López

Homemade biscuits with chestnuts | Galletas caseras con castañas

  ENG | Today Thursday, sooo rainy day in Valencia, has been perfect for getting into the kitchen and start testing, tweak and experiment with some seasonal ingredients, such as chestnuts and some recipes such as homemade biscuits. Thus, I have finally made ​​some great cookies, made ​​with extra virgin olive oil and chestnuts. Honestly, [...]

by Andrea López

The blog Monsabor, as its name indicates (Mon Sabor, world of flavors), was born with the aim of showing and sharing the Spanish food products that were also handcrafted, natural and flavored.