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Loquat Properties and how to make it in syrup | Propiedades del níspero y cómo hacerlo en almíbar

ENG | As we are in the spring and probably you will have the fridge or fruit bowls overflowing with loquats, what if we put them in syrup? Indeed, loquats have countless features and benefits and more if they are fresh and seasonal, but with syrup we can retain much of their properties for the [...]

by Andrea López

All Saints Fair of Cocentaina

This past weekend was the  All Saints Fair of Cocentaina, a town in the south of Valencia with great interest because of its history, monuments and festivals as this fair, which is held every year since 1346 and gathers over four hundred exhibitors (of craft activities, Arab market, medieval market …) from all over Spain and [...]

by Andrea López

Sesame cookies recipe

The sesame cookies are perfect for afternoon tea or after dinner, besides their preparation is very easy and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as it has no egg or any animal derived, because we only used olive oil, specifically Extra virgin olive oil “Ecotravadell”. Ingredients (for 50 cookies): ½ cup of water (25 cl.) ½ [...]

by Andrea López
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The blog Monsabor, as its name indicates (Mon Sabor, world of flavors), was born with the aim of showing and sharing the Spanish food products that were also handcrafted, natural and flavored.