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Cristinas cake, Christmas recipe from Valencia | Torta de Cristinas, receta navideña de Valencia

ENG | It is very, very typical, every year, in our Christmas table, that never missing my grandmother’s Cristinas cake. So, this morning, as she was at home, we prepared a delicious cake of this traditional Valencian recipe. The Cristinas cake is very easy to make; moreover, between preparation and baking time takes about 30 [...]

by Andrea López

Pasta with Pumpkin and fried vegetables | Espirales con calabaza y verduras fritas

ENG | As the pumpkins are in season and I love them, today I share this recipe quite light, and autumnal flavor. I have used, apart from the pumpkin, the vegetables I like most, however, can be combined with many others like onions, carrots, artichokes or even adding some soft cheese. Ingredients (serves 4): 300g [...]

by Andrea López

Rustic bread with dried tomatoes and black olives of Aragón | Pan rústico con tomates secos y aceitunas negras de Aragón

ENG | I guess you remember that I published about a month ago the post of the Tomato & Gastronomic Fair of El Perelló, a magnificent exhibition of some of the most exquisite handmade products from Valencia as the dried Tomato with herbs I bought from the Cooperative Pericana de Muro. The tomato was delicious [...]

by Andrea López

The blog Monsabor, as its name indicates (Mon Sabor, world of flavors), was born with the aim of showing and sharing the Spanish food products that were also handcrafted, natural and flavored.